At Samiyatex, we take great pride in recycling our society’s throw away’s & put them in the hands of the individuals around the world who appreciate them the most. We began our operation in 1992 from a small sales office & within a few years, grew rapidly into a 43,000 sq. ft warehouse employing 80 full time employees. We deliberately chose Los Angeles for it’s tropical climate & it’s leading fashion trends so that we could give our customers light weight clothing with the latest styles.

Our growth is due to one simple motto: Your success is our success!. We can only be successful if we give you, our customer a good, consistent quality product at a competitive price. In fact, we want you to be able to sell our entire container within a week. We never take success for granted & always listen to our customer’s feedback to become better.

Samiyatex exports container loads of used clothing & used shoes to various parts of the world from Africa, to Asia to Central & South America. And we wholesale vintage clothing & shoes to various vintage clothing stores in the USA, Japan & Europe.

We are also bulk buyers of Mix Rags & Used Shoes and are always looking for new suppliers to expand our existing base. It is our goal to not only pay the highest possible price to our suppliers but to also pre pay you before you ship & give you the best possible service at all times.