Region #2 : Africa

Africa is a region that we have been selling to for 24 years, from Dares Salaam & Kenya to many other countries like Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Ghana. So we’re extremely well known in this region and enjoy a great reputation. We make 2 kinds of quality:

  • Africa A (Orange label)This is the highest quality, premium grade we make, with original price tags from retailers, using the finest credentials from California. This item consists of 4 items in 100 lbs (45 Kgs) bales:
  • Africa B (Blue label)These are clothes that are slightly more worn, a bit more faded or small washable stains and might have a small defect like a pin hole. But we make B items of the fastest selling items only and sell these a much lower price and our typical customer buyers both A & B quality.

We load 540 bales in a 40’ HC container or 240 bales in a 20’ container and take care of all the paper work including inspections and will get you the best rate possible on the ocean rates as we have long term contracts with most major steamship lines.

Our packing for 100 lbs bales is both rock solid & very eye catching. We are one of the few companies that use 7 straps to make our bales which makes it practically impossible for anyone to open them. Then we use a combination of one clear-thick plastic sheet & one clear woven sheet to make the bale look both durable & attractive.

While all of the above are important steps to ensure we give our customers a good quality product, it’s not complete until our quality control department gives us a thumbs up that the bales are checked & approved for bailing.

If you would like us to quote you a detailed proforma invoice for clothing, then please fill out the enclosed form and click here. Please complete both your company info & the number of bales you want for each item & someone from our marketing department will respond to your request. Note that you have to fill in all the required fields else we will not be able to give you a quote.