Samiyatex is a direct sorter of used clothing, shoes and accessories located in Los Angeles. We would like to buy the following 9 items in bulk and we will pay you top dollar
100% Store Pulls Mix Rags

100% store pulls that come from your thrift stores, clothing with store tags only, not the clothing that was rejected for your stores. This quality is usually very good and we’re willing to pay a very good price also so please tell us what quantity you can sell us and at what price. We can buy in any city or state and purchase 500,000 lbs/month.

Institutional Paired Shoes

We have been in the shoe business for 24 years and are the largest used shoe buyer on the West coast. But we want to grow even bigger and are looking for the best quality used shoes so that we can buy 200,000 lbs/month. But we don’t want any high heels, no torn or worn shoes, all paired, no winter (we can buy these separately), lot’s of adult tennis and children shoes. If you can sell us this quality, we’ll pay you top dollar and buy every single month.

Credential Shoes

We are looking to buy untouched, full container loads of 100% credential shoes, top quality, from any city or state and can buy around 100,000 lbs/month. But there should be lots of good quality adult tennis and children shoes.

High Quality Mixed Rags

We want to buy mix rags from the finest areas of USA and sort them in our Los Angeles facility and will pay you the best market rate. But your mix rags should be very good quality, with very little stained or torn clothing, very little wipers and trash and basically lots of store tags and bright colors. If you can supply us this quality, we can buy minimum 300,000 lbs each month so please contact us.

Metal pots,pans and utensils

Here we can buy any quantity of metal pots, pans and utensils you can supply. If you can supply us a full container load of this item, then even better!

Linen bales-Institutional or Credential Linens

We can buy container loads of this linen for exports on a monthly basis. As long as your quality is good, meaning lots of bedsheets, towels and curtains but NO pillow cases, torn items or stained lines.

Hard Toys

We can buy container loads of good quality hard toys, that are 12” or less, and in good working condition, for export. Please tell us how many lbs you can supply each month and if you don’t have a full export load, we can even combine it with another good item like Purses & Belts.

Purses and Belts

We can buy institutional baled purses and belts for export, on a regular basis and mix it with another good item like Linens so please tell us how much quantity you can supply.

Children Shoes

We can buy this in container loads also so please tell us how many lbs you can supply and your price and I’m sure you will be happy with us.

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