This is how we first got started-as a shoe grader as we wanted to be a bit unique from the rest of the competition. We are one of the few companies that ship a full 40′ container of used shoes on a regular basis. In fact, we are probably the largest used shoe grader on the West Coast and currently grade a bit more than 400,000 lbs of raw shoes/month.

Here again we make 2 grades. Our A grade is thoroughly checked to make sure it’s clean, has many top brand name shoes, neatly paired w/rubber bands & we guarantee a fixed ratio of each type of shoe to ensure consistency. Shoes w/ minor defects, stains or worn too much, we put into our B-Grade which also is a good seller. Both grades of shoes are without ladies high heels over 1.25″ & we pay special attention to sizes & shoe material.

We can either sell you shoes separately in categories of Mens, Ladies, Tennis & Children or as a Mixed bag. In 1 x 40′, we can load more than 42,000 lbs which is much more than most suppliers so your duty & freight cost / lb is low. Each bag weighs 55 lb & we offer our customers a choice of 3 colors-blue, clear & white.

Quality is the single most important aspect of the shoe business & we’re proud to say that after grading shoes for 8 years, we have almost mastered it. Having long term employees who have gone through extensive training & a full time quality control person, gives our buyers the peace of mind that we’re looking after their interest.

If you would like us to quote you a detailed proforma invoice for used shoes, then please fill out the enclosed form. Here, complete both your company info & the no. of bags you want for each item & someone from our marketing department will respond to your request. Click here if you would like a quote now). Note that you have to fill in all the required fields else we will not be able to give you a quote.